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Business Enabler

Security doesn’t have to be in the business of saying no to remain secure and compliant. Security can be a business enabler. At Expedition Security Group, We develop programs based on business enablement.

Customized Programs

Security shouldn’t be a check box approach. With all the frameworks, which one do you choose and how do you ensure that the framework is appropriate for your business? At Expedition Security Group we develop customized frameworks that are tailored to your business needs.

Secure Digitial Transformation

Technology has become a key driver to business success. As organization are going down the Digital Transformation journey, a trusted partner is needed to ensure success. At Expedition Security, we enable digital transformation that not only transforms your business to use technology to increase sales, but also does this from a secure and compliant approach.

VCISO Services

Premier vCISO services without the High Price tag

Expedition Security offers vCISO services to augment your existing staff or provide retainer based vCISO services to ensure your business is secure and your objectives are met. We tailor every vCISO engagement to your needs so don’t wait contact us today for more information.

Contact today at (816) 441-5243 or info@expeditionsecurity.group‎‎ to schedule a consultation.

Security Programs

Security Programs with a Business Approach

You aren’t looking for another audit or a checkbox approach. Instead you need and want a Security Program that is based on real-world experience and business objectives. A security program shouldn’t just be a check the box approach, but rather should enable and protect your business. You spent the time to build and maintain your business, let us develop a program that is tailored to your business. Our experts develop security programs based on many popular frameworks to include:

  • NIST
  • ISO

All our programs our customized to your business, so contact us today and allow us to develop a security program that moves your business forward.

Contact today at (816) 441-5243 or info@expeditionsecurity.group‎‎ to schedule a consultation.

Security Architectures

Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

Security Architecture can be complicated and with all the vendors in the security space, how do you know which one to trust or which one is effective? Expedition Security has over 25 years of both Information Technology and Information Security experience so let our experience work for you. We offer the following services:

  • Security Architecture Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Security Architecture Design Services

All of our services are customized to your needs and you can ensure you have a business enabled secure architecture when you work with Expedition Security Group so don’t hesitate contact us today.

Contact today at (816) 441-5243 or info@expeditionsecurity.group‎‎ to begin the journey of a secure architected environment.

Digital Transformation

Lets Transform your business together

It seems like Digital Transformation is just another buzz word and every vendor is using this. Digital Transformation is real but it can be confusing and with all the vendors in the space, where do you start. Too many times, we see organizations purchase technology solutions to enable their Digital Transformation Strategy, but they haven’t defined that strategy. Expedition Security works with your business to understand the corporate and business strategy and then develop a Digital Transformation program that not only enables but secures your digital strategy. Contact us today so we can discuss how we can partner together to develop a digital strategy.

Contact today at (816) 441-5243 or info@expeditionsecurity.group‎‎ to being the transformation journey together.